Best Gas Furnace 2011

Gas Furnaces  are manufactured  by many companies as it is known to be  one of the most common and also efficient ways  that any person can use to heat a home. The best gas furnace 2011 comes through using of many brands and according to the functions and features that they gas furnaces are produced with. Most gas furnaces will come with features such as Variable Speed Fan Blowers, Multi-Stage Burners, Humidification Control and Advanced Electronic Monitoring.  Different types of gas furnaces are availableand there are a few things that you might want to pay attention to. That is the Gas Furnace Efficiency Rating,. This efficiency rating is measured as AFUE also known as Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency. Formerly when a persone had to look for a gas furnace, you would be able to find a furnace that was 60-80% AFUE. This was very common rating.

In this modern day and age the efficiency of the furnaces manufactured has escalated into the range of almost 96% AFUE. This is on some of the best units that come with a variety of features. The best way that you could understand the annual fuel utilization efficiency rating, is  to make an equation to a dollar. An example of an 80% Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency rating furnace is generally designed to deliver .80 cents equal of heat. This isfor every dollar of natural gas that is burned.

One other difference that you need to know about in the higher efficiency furnaces  +90% is condensing furnaces. the main byproduct is water, and the gases get burned double the amount. This is the gas versus smoke. All the smoke is  vented through a regular PVC pipe. This versus the running of the metal flue pipe that goes out of a chimney or through a dedicated flue.

So with all these being said, you could consider the Carrier brand as the best gas furnace 2011 as the features and the product are excelent. In terms of product and service and in an overall you could purchase the best gas furnace 2011 when you decide to go in for the eficient and workable gas furnace.
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