Broan Heat Pump HVAC Review

July 5, 2011

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Looking for Broan Heat Pump or Hvac review? Now you’ve come to the right landing page.

Review of the Broan product shows that they manufacture residential furnace heat pumps and air conditioners. Most homes use single phase electricity. Commercial buildings have three phase electricity.

You need to check what the requirement is prior to purchasing heating or cooling equipment. Checking to see if the unit installed draws excess energy is a must. You could do this by getting a technical person to inspect the electricity connection. Deciding on up-grading an existing unit or if you are installing a new unit is up to you. However, three phase electricity is much more expensive than single phase.

Before you decide on what model to select, going through this review will give you a rough indication of the models that Broan have to offer.

Brand             : Broan Heat Pump

Manufacturer  : Nordyne

Model            : DF6SEX36K


Brand      :      Broan Heat Pump

Model     :      DF6SEX36K

Item :      Pump

Model     :      Broan Heat Pump

Model     :      DF6SEX48K

Brand      :      Broan Heat Pump

Model     :      Q3RD-048K

Brand      :      Broan Heat Pump

Model     :      Q4RD-060K

Brand      :      Broan Heat Pump

Model     :      Q4SD-036K

Brand      :      Broan Heat Pump

Model     :      Q4SD-048K

Brand      :      Broan Heat Pump

Model     :      Q4SD-060K


The next step you need to know is the energy efficiency rating and terms used for the Broan heat pump.

HSPF Definition  : Heating Seasonal Performance Factor

This is the measurement that is used to measure the units heating efficiency. This measurement is an overall measurement. Usually a heat pump runs at maximum levels during the summer time. The higher the HSPF or Heating seasonal performance factor the longer the heat pump will function. This will give you an indication before you go out and purchase a Broan heat pump. The nest item you need to be aware of is what is known as the SEER rating. The definition of the SEER is Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating. The higher the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating, you get the very best of cooling and heating solutions from the unit.

Taking into consideration these factors, you could speak to your dealer regarding pricing and warranty.

The best way to get a reasonable price is asking for local contractors’ bids and compare. You can click here to free estimate your local contractors’ price online.
I hope this Broan HVAC review could be helpful for you.

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