Carrier Air Conditioner Trouble Shooting

Nothing can be more annoying or irritating than when an air-conditioner does not work properly on a hot and humid day! Carrier brand air-conditioners are no exception. These models do play-up from time to time. While you may have a warranty agreement with the company, it is still useful to be able to check things out first, prior to calling a service person.

√ Check if the settings of the thermostat is correct.

Most thermostats tend not to function as soon as the unit is switched on. There is usually a degree of temperature that stabilizes the unit and makes it function. Check if the condensing unit is over-heated. The capacitor motor may not be functioning properly. This could cause the unit to malfunction.

√ Take a look at the Rest button.

The modern-day air-conditioners have re-set buttons that act as fuses.

√ Have the settings of the AC thermostat been changed?

Some people are ignorant of the fact and change the settings wanting to increase heat of cold temperature. In the process you might sometimes find the ac unit not giving out the required temperature.

√ Fuses and circuit breakers need to be checked

Try resetting the fuse for your central air conditioner. This is located in the electrical box. Turn it off and then turn it on. If it is central air-conditioning, then there will probably be a number of fuses in the entire electrical system. If in doubt, then don’t. Leave it to Carrier service personnel to handle the matter. You could make things worse by tampering with the wires and switches.

√ Switch the unit off for about 15 minutes

Sometimes the thermostat begins to blink but the air-conditioner does not respond. Since some ac units won’t respond till after a specific time, it is worthwhile switching off the unit for around 15 minutes and then switching it on. Sometimes it goes back to its normal function.

√ Go through the Carrier operation manual

Your operation manual might guide you on how to fix a particular problem. You won’t need to call in a Carrier ac technician if you can read, understand and figure out the problem. You might find that it is just a simple matter that can be handled by a lay person.


If , after all the above has been carried out and the Carrier air-conditioner is still not functioning, you may need to call in qualified personnel to take a look at the unit.


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