Klimaire Heat Pump Reviews

July 7, 2011

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Looking for Klimaire Heat Pump Reviews?  Now you have come to the right place.

Klimaire manufacture mini and multi-split type air conditioning and heat pump systems. The company is considered one of the newest and youngest in the industry. However they have expanded their operations in manufacturing of quality heat pumps throughout the world. Klimaire make sure that all their products are manufactured to the strictest quality control procedures. They check on the quality of the heat pumps in a methodical step-by-step manner. Only once the Engineering division is sure that the product is marketable will they release Klimaire products to be sold. This has given them the leadership even though the company is still very young. The products are very fast moving and the customers are very satisfied with their product range. Located in the central of Miami in Florida in the USA they also serve the Caribbean and South and Central American market as well.

They manufacture:

  • Wall units
  • Domestic units
  • Commercial units

Klimaire offer best customer service to their clients. The dealership network is good and the dealers are very helpful and always available. The dealers are always ready to answer all the questions and see to the requirements of their customers. Product installation and service is handled by them in an efficient manner. All products are supplied according to the needs of the customer.

Klimaire are unique in their thinking and for all the heat pumps and heating and cooling solutions they always check back with the customers. Customer feed-back in very important to Klimaire.

With the feedback that they receive, Klimaire have been able to manufacture quality air-conditioning equipment to suit the Dessert region as well and have a good market in the Middle-East. Being able to cater to extreme cold and extreme heat, the heat pumps that Klimaire manufacture are efficient and save energy as well.  Klimaire have their priorities in: Flexibility, Reliability, and Quality. These three are considered as their first priority. The ever increasing challenge that Klimaire face in the field of designing of more high and efficient quality heat pumps makes them an up-coming leader in the heat pump industry. The reliability and quality of Klimaire make the customers who decide to buy their products do so without hesitation.

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