Lennox CBX32MV Variable Speed Multi-position Air Handler Review

September 15, 2011

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Lennox is one of the best HVAC manufacturers in the market which commits itself to make the best products that deliver both high quality and long-lasting durability. You will never feel depressed if you install one at home and owing to the high and new technology, the Lennox can bring you ultra high comfort when you install it at home and offer you cozy time with the quite operation. The air handler of Lennox inherit the good tradition and can deliver you the best air condition you ever experience, so it will never fail you.

In this article, we choose one of the flagship products of Lennox to introduce, which is called the Lennox CBX32MV air handler. This high quality model is equipped with a good performance variable speed motor which can precisely control the airflow and works quietly and efficiently. In fact, with some exclusive design, this model can control the humidity and make you feel comfortable at home even in the hottest summer. So if you purchase this Lennox CBX32MV air handler, you will enjoy one of the most comfortable temperature and air condition that you can find in the world. What’s more, this model can meet the high standard of the air leakage, so it is good for both the air quality and your health.

Lennox CBX32MV Variable Speed Multi-position Air Handler Features

  • Be equipped with the advanced high efficiency evaporate coil which makes this model work much efficiently and deliver much more heat transaction.
  • Comes with the advanced blower motor which works at variable speed and can provide you superior humidity control, making the air of your home much fresher.
  • Offer automatic comfort control system, which utilizes some high and new technologies to control the humidity and make it is suitable for people. In fact, if you live in a environment with good humidity level, it will make you feel quite cozy and enjoyable all year round.
  • Comes with the high static capability which is the best way to adjust the airflow in 1% increments, and meet the high demands of consumers. Just imagine the great warm flow of air in your house, you will never hesitate to buy this model.

Lennox CBX32MV Variable Speed Multi-position Air Handler

This high efficiency model sells for just 1800 dollars online, and you can buy it anytime you want.

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