Lennox HS29 Air Conditioner Repair Manual

September 13, 2011

in Lennox Air Conditioner

When it comes to the Lennox hs29 air conditions, after years of use, it may not work as well as before. If you are troubled by the annoying problems, we have some good advices for you.

Lennox hs29 Air Conditioner Parts List and Manual

Round Capacitor                         Price: $48.25/ each

Mercury Flame Sensor                 Price: $135.85/ each

3″ WC SPST Pressure Switch             Price: $25.55/ each

1 Heat/1 Cool Thermostat             Price: $94.25/ each

CCW Blower Wheel                     Price: $95.95/ each

277V Single Phase Motor             Price: $305.55/ each

460V Compressor                       Price: $6,204.95/ each

24V Actuator                              Price: $143.95/ each

Limit Switch                               Price: $56.25/ each

15-30A M/R Overload Relay         Price: $344.45/ each

Lennox hs29 Air Conditioner Replacement

In this paragraph, we will introduce some good replacements for you. All of them can offer high quality service and make you feel comfortable at home.

Trane Xr 14 Air Conditioner is the kind of air conditioner that is equipped with the R410a refrigerant. So it works with no harm to the environment and is good for protecting the ozone-layer. If you are a environmentalist, this model can be your idea choice. And by utilizing some high and new technologies, this model can offer ultra high comfort which means that you can be quite cozy no matter summer or winter with the accompany of the xr 14 air conditioner.

Trane XL19i 19.50SEER Central Air Conditioner, this air conditioner is produced by Trane, which is famous for delivering high quality air conditioners that can meet your needs. This model offers up to 19.5 SEER, so it meet the guideline of both Energy Star and the Federal Tax Credit, you can enjoy the superior comfort produced by it with the heating and cooling service.

Lennox hs29 Air Conditioner Troubleshooting and Repair

If your lennox hs29 air conditioner can’t offer high quality heating and cooling service, and it doesn’t work properly. Here are some measures helping you deal with it.

First you should check all the switches to make sure they have been turned on. Second check the circuit breakers set, and then turn it on the right position. If you have check these parts, but it still not work normally, you can turn to check if the motor fans are warped with dust. If after cleaning the motor fan, these problems are still there, you should better ask the local dealers for professional help.

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