Review of Aire-Flo 14 SEER Heat Pump

October 6, 2011

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Aire-Flo may be the best HVAC manufacturer you can find in the market, which always known for its high quality heat pumps, air conditioners and other HVAC equipments. Aire-Flo concentrates on making suitable products that can meet many kinds of needs of consumers from all over the world. Its heat pumps are made from good materials and components, which ensure the safety and long-lasting durability. In fact, by utilizing the new and high technology, its products are easy-to-use and can make it its convenient for you and your families to enjoy a better life.

In this passage we will introduce you a great product of Aire-Flo, which is called the Aire-Flo 14 SEER Heat Pump. This heat pump combine low price with great quality, which means that it will offer you the highest cost-effective performance in the industry. This heat pump delivers about 14 SEER, though not as high as these expensive ones, it can meet the demands of most consumers in America, especially for these people who do not want to spend too much money on heat pumps. So if you have a small room and want to save your budget, this 14 SEER heat pump is a good choice.

Aire-Flo 14 SEER Heat Pump Features

  • Delivers about 14 SEER, which is enough for most families and can save the energy bills for you.
  • Comes with the advanced R410a refrigerant, which ensures its function will not hurt the fragile ozone-layer.
  • The compressor of this amazing product is special designed to give you a quiet and durable operation. This also will be quite efficient.
  • Be equipped with the high quality cabinet which is made from great steel and it will be free from the corrosion, which means that it will keep the good looking for years.
  • Aire-Flo backs its products with one of the best warranties in the market, if you buy this heat pump, Aire-Flo will offer you a 5-year limited warranty on compressor and remaining components. And if you want to extend the warranty, it can deliver you as long as 10 years limited warranty. This guarantees the long service time of it.
  • If you are worried about the frost problem, this great equipment offers you a great control unit to solve the frost problem.

Aire-Flo 14 SEER Heat Pump Price

2 ton Aire-Flo 14 SEER Heat Pump     1400 dollars

3 ton Aire-Flo 14 SEER Heat Pump     1600 dollars

4 ton Aire-Flo 14 SEER Heat Pump      2300 dollars

5 ton Aire-Flo 14 SEER Heat Pump      3100 dollars

Aire-Flo 14 SEER Heat Pump Models

Model     Square Base  Height   tons    dba

4HP14L18   24.25        29.25      1.5       76

4HP14L24   24.25        29.25       2         76

4HP1430     24.25        33.25        2.5        76

4HP14L36   32.25        29.25         3        79

4HP14L42   32.25         37        3.5        79

4HP14L48   32.25         37           4        80

4HP14L60   32.25         43.25        5       80

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