Tempstar Furnace Parts

August 24, 2011

in Furnace Parts

When it comes to Tempstar furnace parts Furnace hot surface ignitor,   furnace duct fan booster,  Keep rite 2 stage High efficiency furnace,  Gas furnace exhaust condensing, furnace and air-conditioner fan, Furnace Flue, Furnace Fuel Filter, Furnace Humidifier Filter,  Furnace Igniter, , Furnace Oil Filter Hammock Furnace Filter, high Efficiency Boiler, Furnace Filter,  Reusable Furnace Filter, Washable Furnace Filter are some of the Tempstar furnace parts. However with the Tempstar furnace you need to know the facts of direct exposure to UV light causes skin cancer and blindness. Application of UV light in the home or in office is in the main air distribution through the heating and/or air conditioning) system. Since it will not pass through metal, glass, or plastic, the air in the home or office will pass through the HVAC system for almost up to 75 times during normal operation.

Tempstar furnace parts include humidifiers, , gas valves, hot surface igniters, hot surface igniter, spark ignition controls, hot surface ignition, controls, standing pilots, thermostats, wireless thermostats, wireless thermostats, programmable, flush mount thermostat, programmable digital thermostats, mechanical thermostats, freeze stats, short cycle timers, hard start kits, run capacitors, start capacitors, carbon monoxide alarms, fan -limit controls, printed circuit boards, fan centers, relays, sequencers, switching relays, thermocouples, mill volt pilot generators, gas valves, roll out switches, flame sensors, heat pump controls, defrost controls, electric furnace parts, Drive Furnace Motor 1/2 HP/115 -230 Volt (S89-656) With HP = 1/2, Volts = 115/230, RPM = 1725, F/L Amps = 8.0/4.0, NEMA Frame = 56, Shaft Diam. = 5/8″, Shaft Length = 1-9/10″, it requires Electrical Re wiring to change voltages. Belt Drive Furnace Motor 1/2 HP/115 Volt (S87-629), HP = 1/2, Volts = 115, RPM = 1725, F/L Amps = 8.7, NEMA Frame = 48/56, Shaft Diam. = 1/2″, Shaft Length = 1-9/16″Belt Drive Furnace Motor 1/3 HP/115 Volt (S87-628), HP = 1/3, Volts = 115, RPM = 1725, F/L Amps = 6.7, NEMA Frame = 48/56,Shaft Diam. = 1/2″, Shaft Length = 1-9/16″ condensate pumps, electronic ignition modules, pilot burners, furnace blower motors, condenser motors, air handler motors, motor mount universal bracket, boiler zone valves, boiler circulator pumps, are some of the Tempstar furnace parts that are needed for replacement either individually or to  be kept in stock. The Tempstar furnace parts come with Evaporative Cooler Distributor Repair Kits and built in Transformer with relay for air conditioning applications are Tempstar furnace parts that have to be installed by qualified personnel.

Where to purchase and pick Tempstar furnace parts?

You can click here(Free for US) to estimate you local contractors’ location and furnace parts models prices according you own need.

Sometimes repairing you own furnace is hard for beginners, If you don’t have a good knowledge of furnace structure. I strongly recommend you Click Here (Free for US) to find a local qualified contractor to help you. Repairing by yourself sometimes is more costly than finding professionals. You can purchase an inexpensive service(the famous Anglelist) which can offer you real reviews and guide for furnace repairing. The price is reasonable $7 and refund guaranteed.

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