Trane XB13c Package Heat Pump Review

July 2, 2011

in Trane Heat Pump

Review of the Trane XB13c Package Heat Pump shows that every Trane packaged unit is made and packaged with the highest quality of durable components. Trane deliver the most reliable heat pumps in the industry.

Deciding what is best for your needs is entirely up to you. Whether it is pricing or quality and efficient after-sales service you want, then you may want to know how best and efficient Trane heat pumps really are.

Many reviews have been conducted for the Trane product. Depending on the components it is usually sturdy, but there have been instances when after a little over 5 years expensive components have ceased to function. Just bad luck for some people when Trane brand heat pumps have not been registered and do not have it covered by a warranty.

While purchasing a known brand is good, pay attention to the fact that everything is man made, so take precautions prior to using the unit. There are people who still use the Trane heat pump for over 20+ years. That is a definitely long period, still with either good or bad cooling or heating of the unit.

Review of the features of the Trane XB13c Package Heat Pump and some of the models

  • Quiet operation
  • Spine Fin coil
  • Weather Beater Top,
  • Rugged, all steel cabinet
  • horizontal or vertical airflow
  • Safe and reliable spark ignition system
  • State-of-the-art airflow system
  • Vortica blower for quiet and efficient operation.

Model            Nominal Tons        SEER      HSPF    Height (in.)   Width (in.)     Depth (in.)

4WCC3018     1.5          13    7.7   35.56             48.84             41.31

4WCC3036     3            13    7. 7  35.56             48.84             41.31

4WCC3048     4            13    7.7   37.56             58.56             44.31

4WCC3060     5            13    7.7   39.56             58.56             44.31


Model            Nominal Tons SEER      HSPF      Height(in.)      Width(in.)       Depth(in.)

2WCC3024   21           37.7 35.56      48              84           1.31

2WCC3030     2.5          13    7.7   35.5        64           8.8

2WCC3036     31           37.7 35.56      48.8        44           1.31

2WCC3042     3.5          13    7.7   37.5        44           1.31

2WCC3048     41           37.7 37.5 65           8.5          64

2WCC3060     51           37.7 41.5 65           8.56        64


Price review of the Trane XB13c Package Heat Pump

Trane prices are highly competitive. You could budget to pay around $ 5,000 for a unit inclusive of labor and installation.

The best way to get a reasonable price is asking for local contractors’ bids and compare. You can click here to free estimate your local contractors’ price online.


Review of the Warranty for the Trane XB13c Package Heat Pump

Warranty is for a period of 12 years on the compressor and 10 years for all internal components.

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