Are you searching for the Trane XB14 heat pump review or prices in 2011? Now read this guide below to get more information.

Trane xb14 heat pump prices:


Trane xb14 heat pump features:

Designed with high efficient Compressor and Baked-On Powder Paint Resists Rust, the XB13’s SEER is up to 14.50 and HSPF is up to 8.50, guaranteeing you a reliable, durable, and quiet home. Actually, this model is attached to stop production product but you can still buy it in the local market with the normal after-sale services and full warranty.


Trane XB14 heat pump model and parameters:

4TWB4018E 18,000 BTUH 1.5 tons HxWxD:33x33x34

4TWB4024E 24,000 BTUH 2 tons HxWxD:33x33x34

4TWB4030E 30,000 BTUH 2.5 tons HxWxD:41x37x34

4TWB4036E 36,000 BTUH 3 tons HxWxD:41x37x34

4TWB4042E 42,000 BTUH 3.5 tons HxWxD:41x37x34

4TWB4048E 48,000 BTUH 4 tons HxWxD:45x37x34

4TWB4049E 48,000 BTUH 4 tons HxWxD:45x37x34

4TWB4060E 60,000 BTUH 5 tons HxWxD:45x37x34

4TWB4061E 60,000 BTUH 5 tons HxWxD:45x37x34



Trane offer a 10 Year limited warranty on compressor and 5 Year limited warranty on outdoor coil and internal functional parts, you must register properly from or just calling official phone number 800-554-6413 to make this warranty available.

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