Trane xe80 Heat Pump Parts List Manual and Replacement Repair Guide

April 30, 2011

in Trane Heat Pump

Though the Trane xe80 heat pump may works well in the past, you may meet some problems as time goes by. But do not worry, we provide you some useful tips for you to deal with them, and if you want to purchase a new model, we also have some advices in this passage. In fact, many problems can be solved by you with the guideline as follows.

Trane xe80 Heat Pump Parts List and Manual

Little Giant Safety Pan Switch (B82-023)         Price: $18.95 / each

Defrost Timer ICM 300C (B11-806)                  Price: $32.95/ each

Freon leak detector solution (B81-166)            Price: $ 10.95 / each

Trane CNT05001 Defrost Board (CNT05001)    Price: $82.95/ each

Delay Timer ICM200B (B11-971)                   Price: $23.95/ each
You can click here(Free for US) to estimate your local heat pump parts contractors’ location and ac parts models prices according to your own need.

Trane xe80 Heat Pump Replacement

If you have been tired of repairing the Trane xe80 and want to install new models which have high quality and long-lasting durability, we have some advices here for you.

AMANA SSZ16 Distinctions 16SEER Heat Pump is a high efficiency model, which can save you a lot of money and cut the utility bills. If you choose this one as a replacement, it will save you hundreds of money all year round. What’s more, this incredible model is equipped with the environmental friendly R410A refrigerant, so it is a great contribution to protect our fragile ozone-layer, and if you are a environmentalist, this model can be the idea choice for you.

American Standard Gold SI 13 SEER Heat Pump is another high efficiency heat pump which is the flagship product of American Standard. It is well known for its dependability and reliability, in fact, with 13SEER, this model is a better choice for these people who live in the moderate climate. So you will never be let down if you do not want to spend lot money and want to enjoy the high efficiency at the same time.

Trane xe80 Heat Pump Troubleshooting and Repair

In case of any malfunction of your Trane xe80 Heat Pump, you can find these measures of repairing we recommend here come in handy:

If you have some problems with the igniter, and the gas ignites for only a little time then goes out. We suggest you to check if your flame sensor is clean, and dirty sensor always produce some problems. Or if it just does not produce heating service any more, the first thing you should do is to check your thermostat and system itself to see if they have been plugged in, then you should turn to the dealer or contractor to some professional help.
Sometimes repairing you own heat pump is hard for beginners, If you don’t have a good knowledge of heat pumpstructure. I strongly recommend you Click Here (Free for US) to find a local qualified contractor to help you. Repairing by yourself sometimes is more costly than finding professionals. You can also purchase an inexpensive service(the famous Anglelist) which can offer you real reviews and guide for heat pump repairing. The price is reasonable $7 and refund guaranteed.

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