Trane XE90 Gas Furnace Parts List Manual and Repair Replacement Guide

June 30, 2011

in Trane Furnace

Have you been tied of the old model Trane XE90? Or after years of use, it has some problems that make you feel annoying? In this passage I will share some suggestions and advices with you, and I think it will be useful for both trouble shooting and replacement.

Trane XE90 Gas Furnace Parts List and Manual

Ignitor                              Price: $29.65 / each

Round Start Capacitor          Price: $29.35 / each

Time Delay Relay             Price: $33.75/ each

208-230V Motor               Price: $120.75/ each

Flame Sensor                            Price: $24.25/ each

Crank Case Heater               Price: $51.65/ each

Bearing Kit                          Price: $159.49/ each

SPNO Pressure Switch        Price: $32.55/ each

2 Stage Natural Gas Valve      Price: $274.75/ each

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Trane XE90 Gas Furnace Replacement

Nowadays, there are many new models which utilize new and high technologies to offer better heating service for consumers, if your model is out of date, I will recommend some replacement for you.

Now I will introduce some high quality models also produced by Trane. Trane XV90i Gas Heating Furnace is one of the highest efficiency models in the market, which deliver up to 93%AFUE and it can warm up your house much more quickly as well as cut the utility bills and save your money. What’s more, this model constructed with some advanced technologies and exclusive design, so it will offer you a long service life.

Another high quality model is the Trane XR95 Gas Furnace. Compared with the former, this model offers higher efficiency which is as high as 95%AFUE. In fact, it is the flagship product of Trane which is certificated by Energy Star, indicating its ultra high efficiency. Besides, by using some unique design, this XR95 Gas Furnace can deliver superior comfort and make you feel comfortable with your families.

Trane XE90 Gas Furnace Troubleshooting and Repair

When the XE90 Gas Furnace has some problems, I think these suggestions below may help you to deal with them.

If the XE90 gas furnace has some trouble with the heating, the first thing you should do is to check the gas valves to see if it has been turn on. Then you can contact the local dealer to ask for help.

If your Trane XR 12 Gas Furnace is keyed off with airflow, you can check if your filters are dirty or not. If it is dirty, you can clean the filters or just replace them with new parts.

Sometimes repairing you own furnace is hard for beginners, If you don’t have a good knowledge of furnace structure. I strongly recommend you Click Here (Free for US) to find a local qualified contractor to help you. Repairing by yourself sometimes is more costly than finding professionals. You can purchase an inexpensive service(the famous Anglelist) which can offer you real reviews and guide for furnace repairing. The price is reasonable $7 and refund guaranteed.

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