Trane XL1200 Air Conditioner Parts List Manual and Replacement Repair Guide

June 30, 2011

in Trane Air Conditioner

Trane XL1200 Air Conditioner is an old model, and after years of use, it may not work as well as beginning, so in order to help you with these problems, we uncover some information which will help you to deal with these problems. I think you can find the best solution to solve these annoying problems in this article.

Trane XL1200 Air Conditioner Parts List and Manual

Compressor Protection Delay Timer sells for   $19.95/each

Fin Combs for H.V.A.C. Coil Fin Repair      $20.95/each

Freezestat for frozen air conditioning coils    $59.95/each

Washable Furnace Filters – Cut-to-fit Filter    $20.95/each

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Trane XL1200 Air Conditioner Replacement

In fact, the XL1200 Air Conditioner has been out of date, so if you do not want to repair or fix it anymore, I will recommend some excellent models for you here.

The first model is the XR13 air conditioner, which offer up to 14 SEER and can meet your expectation either for residential or commercial. In fact, by utilizing some durable materials and high quality components, this model delivers ultra high comfort as well as long-lasting durability.

The second model I want to recommend is Trane XR15 Air Conditioner, which delivers as high as 15 SEER, and is quite efficiency among these models in the market, which is suitable for both commercial and residential applications. In fact, Trane improves the performance of this model through using some new and high technologies, so you can be mind free when you use it.

Trane XL1200 Air Conditioner Troubleshooting and Repair

In some situations, it is simple for you to solve the problem by yourself without replacing the core unit or buy a new one.

If the indoor unit does not work well, while the outdoor unit is fine. You can switch off the thermostat for about 2 hours to see if it will be better.

If you are facing some heating problems of it, then it may cause by three reasons:

The gas may be turned off. You can check the gas valve at gas company meter and the shutoff valve at furnace, or just contact the gas company.

Your system could be turned off or your unit unplugged. Check the thermostat and system to make sure that they are in where they should be.

There may be something wrong with the tripped circuit breaker of you home. Just check out your circuit breaker in your hose and find out the reason.
Sometimes repairing you own AC is hard for beginners, If you don’t have a good knowledge of AC structure. I strongly recommend you Click Here (Free for US) to find a local qualified contractor to help you. Repairing by yourself sometimes is more costly than finding professionals. You can also purchase an inexpensive service(the famous Anglelist) which can offer you real reviews and guide for furnace repairing. The price is reasonable $7 and refund guaranteed.

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