Are you searhing for the Trane xr15 heat pump review or prices? Now read this guide below to get more information.

Trane xr15 heat pump prices:


Trane xr15 heat pump features:

Every Trane Heat Pump is constructed with top-quality components and accessories. Designed with Durable Climatuff® Compressor and Corrosion-resistant Weatherguard™ fasteners, it can perfectly get to SEER rating of up to 16.50 and HSPF of up to 9.0. what’s more, the DuraTuff™ rust-proof basepan and Spine Fin™ Outdoor Coil can support long-lasting performance and reliability.

Trane xr15 heat pump model and parameters:

4TWR5018E 18,000 BTUH 1.5 tons HxWxD:33x37x34
4TWR5024E 24,000 BTUH 2 tons HxWxD:33x37x34
4TWR5030E 30,000 BTUH 2 tons. HxWxD:54x137x34
4TWR5036E 36,000 BTUH 3 tons HxWxD:41x37x34
4TWR5042E 42,000 BTUH 3.5 tons HxWxD:41x37x34
4TWR5048E 48,000 BTUH 4 tons HxWxD:45x37x34
4TWR5049E 48,000 BTUH 4 tons HxWxD:45x37x34
4TWR5060E 60,000 BTUH 5 tons HxWxD:45x37x34
4TWR5061E 60,000 BTUH 5 tons HxWxD:45x37x34

Trane xr15 series heat pumps offer a 10 year limited warranty on compressor, outdoor coil and internal functional parts if you register properly in 60 days after purchase. If you forget to register, don’t worry, Trane Base Limited Warranty terms will apply. One thing you should notice is that asking your dealer for detailed warranty information at time of purchase.

Hire a qualified contractor for getting a reasonable Trane heat pump price is very important. Click here to get a FREE Trane heat pump price estimate according to your address and your own situation.

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