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August 6, 2011

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About Utica and Utica Boilers:

Utica Boilers is an honorary member of the ECR International family and it has been a top manufacturer and supplier that have won trust and support from its customers around the whole world with its premium lines of gas or oil-fired boilers for both residential and commercial purposes. Since its establishment in 1928, Utica has made several sensational breakthroughs and in this way has earned a widely reputation for the superior quality, efficient performance and trustworthy dependability of its premium boilers.

Utica Boilers is a brand exclusively dedicated to manufacturing the greatest gas and oil-fired boilers to provide hot water for its customers anytime on demand. Designed on innovative creation and built supported by the industry leading high technologies, Utica ensures its customers that its product, namely its world renowned boilers are at the top level of the whole industry and will definitely meet and even exceed every customer’s needs expectations of hot water. Plus, the double choices of gas and oil as the fuel for the boilers make great convenience for the purchasers.

Utica Boiler Typical Features:

  • Designed to be highly efficient with Energy Star qualified efficiency that is at the top level of the industry and will ensure its customers of quick water heating as well as help cut back considerably on their utility bills compared with competing products.
  • Installed with an advanced heat exchanger made in stainless steel, which is highly resistant against all kinds of corrosions and thus offer its customers a better protection for its whole system.
  • Offer various models utilizing gas or oil as the fuel to heat water, providing great convenience for its customers so that they can choose one set of boiler that fits best their home conditions.
  • Provide a great variety of vention options such as direct vent, direct exhaust and concentric vent in order to make sure every need of each purchaser’s will be met perfectly.

Utica Boiler Classic Models Prices:

Model: SSC Stainless Steel Gas Boiler               Capacity: from 50 to 200 MBH         Price: $2490.00

Model: UB95M-200 Gas Condensing Boiler     Capacity: from 80 to 200 MBH   Price: $1460.00

Model: UB90-200 Series Condensing Boiler     Capacity: from 125 to 200 MBH      Price: $2420.00

Model: UB90-100 Series Condensing Boiler     Capacity: from 50 to 100 MBH         Price: $1390.00

Model: MGB Series Gas-Fired Boiler                 Capacity: from 50 to 299 MBH         Price: $2440.00

Model: DV-B Series Gas-Fired Boiler                Capacity: from 50 to 199 MBH         Price: $2460.00

Model: USC Series Gas-Fired Boiler                 Capacity: from 50 to 140 MBH         Price: $2340.00

Model: PEG-C Series Gas-Fired Boiler               Capacity: from 112.5 to 300 MBH   Price: $2530.00

Model: BC Series Oil-Fired Boiler                        Capacity: from 108 to 196 MBH      Price: $2420.00

Model: Starfire SW Series Oil-Fired Boiler        Capacity: from 91 to 175 MBH         Price: $2390.00

Model: Starfire III Water Series Oil Boiler        Capacity: from 91 to 385 MBH         Price: $2530.00

Model: Starfire Steam Series Oil Boiler             Capacity: from 91to 300 MBH          Price: $2500.99

The best way to get a reasonable price is asking for local contractors’ bids and compare. You can click here (Only For US) to free estimate your local contractors’ price online.


Utica Boiler Warranties:

Utica Boiler often comes with the Standard Manufacturer´s Warranty of a 5-Year Limited Warranty on the heat exchanger as well as a 10-Year Limited Parts Warranty on all its functional part. Plus, the Additional Warranty is also provided if needed under the condition of proper registering in time.

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